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B. Exploitation of Negro Athletes

Noted Negro athletes, with many admirers among members of all races, are exploited by the NOI to gain publicity for the cult. The NOI has been most successful in this regard with  

  considerable news coverage. On many occasions, he had been asked by the press about his reputed Muslim connections. During interviews at that time, he gave the impression that he was not a Muslim member, although he admitted his respect for the religion.

Then, the day after   Elijah Muhammad announced to the annual Muslim convention in Chicago that   was a follower of the Muslims and had accepted him as the "Messenger of Allah." Elijah claimed that the reason   had not been defeated was that "Allah and myself said no."   then told the press that he had been a member of the Muslims for five years. But what events led up to this declaration by  

  own father, speaking earlier to the press about his son, said that the Muslims had been "hammering at him and brainwashing him" ever since