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Like many other Negro youths in Louisville, Kentucky,  had evidenced some interest in the Muslims, but he had also "marched for integration."  spent considerable time with cult leaders in Miami while During 1962, with his younger brother, he attended several NOI functions in Miami and elsewhere. But little attention was paid to him by the NOI. In fact, the NOI was  and in "Muhammad Speaks," of February 18, 1963, printed an article captioned "Memo to  ." The article supported what it called 1963, and was gaining considerable attention in the press. Suddenly he became important to the Muslims. Malcolm X developed a close friendship with During the rest of that year,  and his brother were introduced as "visitors" at several NOI temples; and the press throughout the country described  appearances at various public NOI functions. The interest of the press really became aroused in January, 1964, when disappeared from Miami, where he had been and appeared and spoke before a New York NOI rally. These were the events that took place before and that led to his open affiliation with the NOI.