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set up by a preceding age; it seeks inspiration from the present and, in the matter of expression no less than in content, declares that criticism of life, not of dead bones is its intention. Sounds, vocabulary, idiom change Secularly but the mass of speakers and writers are not more than half conscious of the change. Only in a later age is the metamorphosis seen in its true perspective and the truth appears that the history of men's utterance no less than of their customs and ideals is one long tale of rebirths for better and for worse; mostly for better, it seems; at any rate there is no such thing as stagnation. Do not these very writers of the orthodox school bear witness to the truth?

For a time, during the days of war it seemed necessary that controversy should be stilled. *[1]But with the present prospect of peace and amid the talk of reconstruction is it not right to hope that the school of light, more light, will find its justification in a splendid rebirth of Telugu writing, tales, poems, essays, dramas instinct with reality, reflecting consciously the life of the people, written in a tongue that all may read and readily understand?

  1. * There is no ground whatever for the fears entertained by some misinformed persons that Government have discountenanced our views. We declare this on the assurance given us by H. E. Lord Pentland at Parlakimedi on the 7th January 1919. Government imposed no restrictions.