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This is the hope and faith that is within us. The day may be near or distant; let it come when it will. Meanwhile our work is the spadework of the pioneer. In the pages of this Journal our object is to discuss and experiment, to educate ourselves for that great time, to lay the foundations for future success.

What then are the topics for discussion? what the experiments? In the first place it is necessary to limit ourselves. We do not intend to have anything to do with Religion or Social reform, except in so far as we consider the use of the living tongue to be the greatest, the most embracing ‘reform', nor yet with Politics, again except in so far as they hinder or help the spread of true education, the education of the sons of the soil through and in the living tongue. Our sole object is literary regeneration and linguistic research. In striving after this object we shall endeavour to be fair. The vituperation and personalities that frequently disfigure the debates of scholars and literary men will find no place in our pages. Our criticism shall be as honest as we can make it, it shall rest on principles, the rules of art and the laws of linguistic Science.

The field of work is almost limitless. We will take up and carry on the work of linguistic research initiated by Government (Vide Vol. IV). On the purely linguistic side, there is enormous