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trine all their pretended revelations which contradict the testimony of the Sacred Record, are properly condemned as "unsound and spurious." p. 18.

The Separatists would appear to be great advocates for divine revelation, at the same time they declare that the revelations made to the Lord's prophets respecting the divine nature are not true. p. 20.

The succeeding extracts from the public printed discourses of the Separatists, clearly prove their denial of the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, his propitiatory sacrifice for the sins of mankind, and degrade him to a level with his creature man. p. 21.

"We must turn our back upon them,[1] and come home to the light of God in us; for it is the same spirit and life that was in Jesus Christ the Son of God. We need not say that it is his spirit, but only that it is the same spirit, a portion of which was in him; because as reasonable beings, we must always take things rationally." Quaker, vol, I. p. 197?.

"And what encouragement my friends we receive through this medium, when we are brought by the light into a feeling of unity with our great pattern, Jesus Christ, and with God our Creator, O see how we come up into an equality with him." Ibid. p. 13.

"And we derive a portion of the same [spirit] which is able to save the soul if properly obeyed. Here now he was put upon a level;" &c. Ibid p. 17.

"Every Christian must come up under the influence of the same light that guided Jesus Christ—that Christ that was his saviour, and preserver; and that power

  1. We suppose the Scriptures.