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which enabled him to do his work, will enable us to come on in the same path." Ibid, p. 44.

"I don't want to express a great many words, but I want you to be called home to the substance. For the Scriptures and all the books in the world can do no more. Jesus could do no more than to recommend to this comforter, which was this light in him." Ibid p. 40.

"He never directed to himself, but all he wanted was to lead their minds to the spirit of Truth, to the light within, and when he had done this, he had done his office." Ibid. p. 47.

"If we believe that God is equal and righteous in all his ways, that he has made of one blood all the families that dwell upon the earth, it is impossible that he should be partial, and therefore he has been as willing to reveal his will to every creature, as he was to our first parents, to Moses and the prophets, to Jesus Christ and his apostles. He never can set any of these above us, because if he did he would be partial." Philadelphia Sermons, p. 292.

"He was only an outward Saviour, that healed their outward diseases, and gave them strength of body to enjoy that outward good land. This was a figure of the great Comforter, which he would pray the Father to send them; an inward one, that would heal all the diseases of their souls, and cleanse them from all their inward pollutions, that thing of God, that thing of eternal life. It was the soul that wanted salvation, but this no outward Saviour could do, no external Saviour could have any hand in it." Ibid, p. 50.

"The apostle had allusion to that perfect righteousness which is the immediate Saviour in the soul, Christ