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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary

latter's fortunes, and in 198 obtained a command. He was then twenty-four years of age, and was popularly known as 周郞. Two years later, when Sun Ts'ê died, he joined his brother Sun Ch'üan, and remained for many years his faithful counsellor and lieutenant. In 208 he was chosen to oppose the advance of Ts'ao Ts'ao, and inflicted upon him a crushing defeat at the 赤壁 Red Wall, near 夏口 Hsia-k'ou in Hupeh. Ts'ao Ts'ao's forces were estimated at eight hundred thousand men; his war-vessels were said to stretch stem and stern for a thousand li; his banners darkened the sky. Against this host, Chou Yü is reported to have asked for only thirty thousand men. Yet he burnt Ts'ao Ts'ao's fleet; and the Red Wall, discoloured by the smoke, was still to be seen in the days of the poet Su Shih. For these services he was made generalissimo and Governor of modern Hupeh. After some time he planned an attack upon Liu Pei, with a view to bring modern Ssŭch'uan under the sway of his master; but he died ere he could carry out his design, at the early age of thirty-six. He is said to have possessed such an exquisite ear for music that if any one played or sang a false note, he would immediately look up, even though tipsy. Hence the phrase 曲有誤周郞顧. It was said by 程普 Ch'êng P'u, who had been associated with him in the glorious victory at the Red Wall, that friendship with Chou Yü was like drinking good wine; it made a man drunk without his knowing it.

429 Chou Yung 周顒 (T. 彥倫). 5th cent. A.D. A native of 安成 An-ch'êng in Honan, who distinguished himself as a scholar, and rose to high office under the Emperor Ming Ti of the Southern Ch'i dynasty, by whom he was taken into confidence. Not venturing to remonstrate openly with his Majesty, he would skilfully introduce some allusion from the Classics bearing upon the point in question, and thus influence the Emperor in the