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Inauguration of President.

have been appointed to communicate the fact, and to respectfully invite your acceptance. In performing this pleasing duty, allow us to express the hope that you will accept, and we beg to suggest that it would be most agreeable to the body we represent, as you are a member of the Congress, that you should signify to it in person your consent to serve the country in the high position to which you have been called.

We have the honor to be, very respectfully, yours,

John Perkins, Jr.,
W. P. Harris,
Jno. Gill Shorter.


Monday, February 18, 1861.

Secret Session.


At 1 p.m. the President elect of the Confederate States of America, escorted by the Vice President and the Committee of Arrangements, appeared within the hall of Congress, and was escorted to the chair, supported on his right by the Vice President and on his left by the President of Congress.

On motion of Mr. Chilton, the Congress then repaired, in company with the President elect, to the front of the Capitol for the purpose of inaugurating the President.

The President of the Congress presented the President elect to the Congress.

The Rev. Dr. Basil Manly, as chaplain of the day, offered prayer.

The President elect then delivered his inaugural address, after which the oath of office was administered to him by the President of the Congress.

On motion of Mr. Chilton, the Congress returned to its hall, accompanied by the President of the Confederate States.

On motion of Mr. Chilton, it was ordered that the inaugural address of the President be spread upon the journal of this body,