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A Desk-Book of

word "foregoing" or the more legal expression "before-mentioned" would better meet the case. Lamb, always inclined to be humorous, ridicules the expression by referring to "the above boys and the below boys."

above should not be used for "more than."

acceptance, acceptation: Terms sometimes used interchangeably but incorrectly so. "Acceptance" is the state of being accepted; as the acceptance of a position or office; acceptation is the favorable admission of or acquiescence in a matter, or assent to a belief.

accept of: A visitor does not accept of the hospitality of his host, but accepts his hospitality. In this phrase "of" is redundant.

accident, injury: These words are used sometimes incorrectly. An "accident" is that which happens without known or assignable cause or without deliberate intention; an "injury" is a hurt that causes physical or mental pain resulting, as from an accident. An accident may be injurious, and injuries painful; but accidents should never be spoken of as painful.

accord should not be used for give. To accord is "to render or concede as due and proper, as honor or veneration;" to give is "to bestow as appropriate; as to give thanks, praise, or welcome."