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A Desk-Book of

accord, award: The first of these words implies a spontaneous bestowal prompted by the dictates of the heart (Latin cor, cord-, heart); the concession or grant due to inherent merit that cannot be denied. Award is colder and more unimpassioned and formal, and implies a grant only after careful observation and judgment. You accord honor where honor is individually due, but award a medal to a victor out of many (actual or possible) contestants.

accord, grant: Privileges may be either accorded or granted. To accord is to concede as due and proper; grant; bestow; allow; to grant is to bestow or confer; give, as a concession; allow. Some writers erroneously restrict the meaning of accord to "agree with; suit."

acknowledgment: Do not spell this word acknowledgement; preferably it is acknowledgment—omit "e" after the "g."

acme. Compare climax.

acoustic (a.), acoustics (n.): When the adjective is used the verb must agree in number with the noun which the adjective qualifies; as, "the acoustic properties of this theater are good." But the noun though plural in form is singular in construction and always takes a verb in the singular as, "acoustics is a branch of physics."

acquaintance. Compare friend.