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A Desk-Book of

accord with (neuter)

accord to (active)

accused of crime

acquit persons of

adapted to or between

adapted to a thing for a purpose

affinity to or between

agreeable to

agree with persons, to things, among ourselves

amuse with, at, in

angry with (a person) at (a thing)

anxious for, about, sometimes on

attend to (listen)

attend upon (wait)

averse from, when describing an act or state.

averse to, when describing feeling

bestow upon

boast of

call on

change for

compliance with

confer on (give), with (converse)

confide in, when intransitive

confide it to, when transitive

conform to conformable to

consonant to, sometimes with

convenient to or for

conversant with persons; in or of affairs; about subjects

correspond with (by letter), to (similar things)

dependent on, upon

derogate from

derogatory to a person or thing

die of or by

differ from or with

difference with a person

difference between things

difficulty in

diminution of

disappointed of a purpose; and in a matter if it fails to meet our expectations.

disapprove of

discouragement to

dissent from

distinguished for, from, sometimes by

eager in

entertain by (a person), with (a thing)

exception is taken to statements; sometimes against

expert at or in

fall under

free from

frightened at

glad of something gained, and of or at what befalls another

grieve at, for

independent of

insist upon

made of, for, from, with

marry to

martyr for a cause, to a disease.

need of

notice of

observance of

prejudiced against

prejudicial to

profit by