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Errors in English

provide for

reconcile to

recreant to, from

reduce to a state; under subjection

regard to or for

replete with

resemblance to

resolve on

respect for

smile at, upon

swerve from

taste of what is actually enjoyed; for what we have the capacity of enjoying.

think of or on

thirst for, after

true of (predicable)

true to (faithful)

wait on (serve), at (a place), for (await)

worthy of

present is to be distinguished from introduce. Introduction takes place among equals, but a presentation takes place by act of grace. Then the favored person is brought into the presence of some superior or other persons, be it lady or celebrity, who is graciously pleased to grant the privilege, which however does not permit the subsequent familiarity of an introduction. A man may be presented at court or to a reigning beauty, but he is merely introduced to the man who may afterwards become a college chum.

pretend is so commonly used in a bad sense that it becomes improper to use it (even in the sense of claim) for profess; for a profession is made only of what one is happy or proud to profess. Therefore say, "I profess (not I pretend to) skill in surgery."

pretty as an adverb may properly be used to signify moderately, tolerably, fairly, somewhat (extensively), but the expression lacks elegance and definitiveness, as is shown by the following sentence: "He is a pretty