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First SizeThe smaller of the three sheets (Lucile) claims notes of a few lines only, congratulations, regrets, and condolences.

Second SizeThe second size (Stockton) is for all social notes, the informal invitations, or the hasty line which requires little space.

Third SizeThe third or letter size (Winthrop) is, as implied, for general correspondence, for the good talking letter to one's dearest friend, and because of its manifold uses should be kept on hand in double quantity.

SelectionA high authority states:

"There is one fashion which has never changed the most perfect of all styles good, plain, thick, white note paper, folded square and put in a square envelope."

On the other hand, we have the word of an equally eminent stationer, who declares that "The people will have what they want."

Many women of excellent taste select one style of stationery, and regardless of existing modes hold to it for years. This is distinctive, but a glance at the charming varieties of the