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stationer's art tempts one to endless modifications, and the trial of one's own ingenuity in motif, monogram and inscription.

Newest PapersThe newest papers show a fabric finish such as Crane's Linen Lawn. Two others, popular for a slightly rough surface, are Crane's Fine Chain Laid and Crane's Distaff Linen.

The color of these papers is that white which is known as Dresden White.

These papers are smooth to the pen and firm, without any gloss, and they are to be had in two thicknesses.

Notwithstanding the fact that the fabric-finished papers are more popular and therefore more fashionable, many people prefer the smooth-surface papers, from which there is an equally good choice. Among them might be mentioned Crane's Kid Finish, Crane's Early English and Crane's Satin Finish. Crane's Bond is best liked by those who prefer paper of a light weight and is especially popular for foreign correspondence on account of its strength and excellent character.