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absolutely white is a very difficult art and depends upon a great many things.

In order that you may know what constitutes a good writing paper we are going to tell you something about how the best writing papers are made.

Made in the Berkshires The best writing papers in the world are made in this country. They are made in western Massachusetts, among those mountains which are known everywhere as the Berkshire Hills. The first important paper industry in this country was located here, and practically all of the important paper mills engaged in making the finest writing papers are found here.

This is because the first essential to a white paper is cleanliness—not only cleanliness of air, but also cleanliness of water—and clear, clean air and pure, unsullied water are absolutely essential to producing the finest writing papers.

There is one mill in the Berkshires, or rather, a group of mills, which is very important from the paper user's point of view. This is one of the oldest establishments in the country, being