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over a hundred years old, and for the entire hundred years it has produced the best writing papers made in America, and this means the best writing papers made in the world.

Where the Crane Papers are Made These mills about which we are speaking are known as the Crane Mills at Dalton, Mass. It may interest you to know that one of these mills makes the peculiar paper which is used to produce bank notes and government bonds. Whenever you have held a dollar bill to the light you have noticed that it seems to be filled with fine, silk threads. These silk threads are a protection against counterfeit. There is only one way to put these threads in the paper and this is a carefully guarded secret.

The fact that this important undertaking has always been entrusted to the Crane paper mills is one proof of the unusual care that is used by these mills in making paper of all kinds. The policy, carefulness and experience that produce the nation's currency produce also its fine writing paper.

All high-grade writing papers must be made