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Lawn, so that today it is the most widely used fine writing paper.

Not everyone prefers a fabric-finished paper, nor is it necessary in order to be in good taste that you should use such a finish.

A Desk Book on the Etiquette of Social Stationery - Crane's Linen Lawn Watermark.png

(Water-mark for Crane's Linen Lawn)

Linen Lawn TintsCrane's Linen Lawn is made not only in white—and in the case of white, the white is actually white—but there are many beautiful tints for those who care for tinted paper.

For Wedding InvitationsCrane's Kid Finish 1908
Crane's Kid Finish is the same paper as is used in the best wedding invitations. It is made either in white or a very delicate and almost imperceptible shade of gray, known as Pearl Gray.