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Parchment VellumCranes Parchment Vellum 1908
Crane's Parchment Vellum is almost as smooth as Crane's Kid Finish, but it suggests more particularly the peculiar and well-known surface of vellum.

Crane's Satin Finish is even smoother than the Kid Finish.

Early English LinenCranes Early English
A very beautiful paper, and one that is very popular with people who like the old-time, hand-made papers, is Crane's Early English. The only way to describe this is to say that it resembles a hand-made paper.

Distaff LinenCrane's Distaff Linen is a linen paper. "Linen" in this case means a finish which we have come to recognize as the linen-finish, and is characterized by the perpendicular lines about three-quarters of an inch apart, giving it the antique effect that is often found in old papers used for printing.