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NB. * denotes that a work was composed for the Society; † that it was first performed in England in the year named.

1813. Symphonies—Haydn (4), Mozart (3), Beethoven (3), Pleyel (1), Woelfl (1), Clementi (2), Romberg (1). Overtures—Cherubini (4), Haydn (1), Mozart (1), Paer (1). Septet—Beethoven. Quartets and Quintets—Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, J. C. Bach, Romberg, Viotti, etc.

1814. †Sinfonia Eroica. *†2 MS. Symphonies, F. Ries. *†Quartet, Griffin. MS. Symphonies, Haydn, †Crotch, and †Asioli. *†New Overture, Cherubini. †Overture, Berger. Selection from 'Mount of Olives.' B. Romberg plays. N.B. Cherubini accepts 200l. for a new symphony, overture, and vocal piece.

1815. †Overture, 'Anacreon,' conducted by Cherubini. *†MS. Symphony and MS. Overture by Cherubini. †MS. Symphonies by Ries and Woelfl; †MS. Sestet, Kalkbrenner. Kalkbrenner and Lafont play. 200l. voted for trial of new works. 3 MS. Overtures bought from Beethoven.

1816. †Symphony in C minor, Beethoven. †MS. Symphony, Ries. †MS. Overture, Beethoven. †MS. Bardic Overture, Ries. *†MS. Overture and Sestet, Potter. †MS. Symphony, Fémy. †MS. Overture, Burrowes. Baillot plays at 1st, and leads at 6th and 7th concerts.

1817. †Overtures, Fidelio and Coriolan. †Symphony in A, Beethoven. †MS. Symphony, Burghersh. Anfossi plays. Invitation to Beethoven.

1818. †Hummel's Septet. †MS. Symphony, Ries.

1819. †MS. Symphony, Clementi. MS. Trio, Lindley. *†MS. Quintet, Ries.

1820. Spohr's first visit; plays his Dramatic Concerto, and conducts his MS. *†Symphony(No. 2) and †Nonet. Neate plays a †Concerto by Beethoven. Further commissions to Beethoven.

1821. Overtures, *†in F, Spohr, †in D, Romberg. Moscheles plays his †MS. Concerto. Potter plays Mozart's †Concerto in D.

1822. †Overture, Leonora. †Concerto for P.F. and Chorus, Steibelt (Neate); Mrs. Anderson's first appearance—†Hummel's B minor Concerto. H. Field (Bath) plays †Concerto, Hummel. MS. Symphony, Bochsa. †MS. Concerto, Moscheles. 1st app. Caradori.

1823. †MS. Symphony, Clementi. †MS. Overture (op. 124), Beethoven.

1824. Beethoven's †C minor Concerto (Potter). †MS. Overture, Clementi. Kalkbrenner plays †MS. Concerto. Szymanowska plays. 1st app. Miss Paton, Mme. Pasta.

1825. *†Choral Symphony (Mar. 21). Overtures—†Euryanthe, †Olimpia, Spontini; †Alcalde, Onslow. Concertos—†Beethoven, in G (Potter), †Weber's Concertstück (Neate). Pasta and Caradori sing. Female Associates first elected.

1826. Weber conducts, April 3. †MS. Symphony, Potter. †Overture, Jessonda. De Beriot plays a Concerto by Rode.

1827. †MS. Overtures by Schloesser and Goss. Liszt's first appearance (May 21) in Concerto by Hummel. 1st app. Mme. Stockhausen.

1828. †Symphony in E♭, Spohr. Last appearance of Clementi. Pixis plays.

1829. Mendelssohn conducts his †C minor Symphony (May 25). †Spohr's double Quartet. Sontag and Malibran sing.

1830. Argyll Booms burnt (Feb. 6); library saved; concert-room of Opera House engaged. Mendelssohn's Overture to M. N. Dream. †Overture, William Tell. Notturno for wind, Mozart. 1st app. Mme. Dulcken, De Beriot, Lablache.

1831. Selection from Spohr's Last Judgment. †Overture, Alchymist, Spohr. 1st app. Hummel, H. Blagrove, Rubini, Miss Inverarity.

1832. Symphonies—†Moscheles in C, *†MS., Onslow in †Beethoven's Violin Concerto (Eliason). †Mendelssohn's, Isles of Fingal (MS.). Mendelssohn plays †G minor Concerto twice. John Field (Russia) plays his Concerto in E♭. Schröder-Devrient, Cinti-Damoreau, Tamburini, sing. Mendelssohn commissioned to write symphony, overture, and vocal piece. Commissions given to J. B. Cramer, Bishop, Potter, Griesbach, Neukomm, Moscheles, Griffin, Attwood, Horsley, Novello, Gross, and T. Cooke. N.B. Clementi's funeral, in Westminster Abbey, conducted by the Society.

1833. *†Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony and *†Trumpet Overture. *†MS. Symphony (A minor) by Potter. Mendelssohn plays Mozart's D minor Concerto. 1st app. Herz, Clara Novello, Miss Masson. N.B. Concerts transferred to Hanover Square. Hon. members first elected—Auber, Hummel, Le Sueur, Mendelssohn, Meyerbeer, Onslow.

1834. *†Bishop's Cantata, 'The Seventh Day'; Novello's do. 'Rosalba'; *†Horsley's motet 'Exaltabo.' *†Overture, Griesbach. Mendelssohn's †'Melusina' and *†'Infelice.' Beethoven's E♭ Concerto, Mrs. Anderson. Moscheles plays his †Concerto Fantastique (MS.). 1st app. of Vieuxtemps, Grisi, Ivanoff.

1835. †Spohr's 'Weihe der Töne.' †MS. Symphony, Maurer. *†Concerto in D Minor, Herz. 1st app. of W. S. Bennett, H. Blagrove, Servais, Brambilla, Miss Postans.

1836. †Mendelssohn's 'Calm Sea.' †Lachner's Symphony in E♭. *†Bishop's Cantata 'Departure from Paradise' (Malibran). Bennett plays his †Concerto, C minor. 1st app. of Thalberg, Ole Bull, Lipinski, Balfe.

1837. †Symphony in A, Onslow. Overtures—†Ries; †'Cymbeline,' Potter; †'Naiades' (MS.), W. S. Bennett. †Introd. and Fugue, Mozart. Choral Symphony. 1st app. of Rosenhain, Miss Birch, Ronconi.

1838. †Mendelssohn's D minor Concerto, MS. (Mrs. Anderson). †Bennett's F minor do., MS. (Bennett). †MS. Concerto, Hummel (Dulcken). Choral Symphony. 1st app. of Hausmann, Heinemeyer, Pott, Döhler.

1839. Bennett's MS. Overtures †'Wood Nymphs' and 'Parisina.' †Concerto Pastorale, Moscheles. †Overture, 'Yelva,' Reissiger. 1st app. of Mario (in England), Dorus Gras, Rainforth.

1840. †Symphonies No. 5 and 'Historical,' Spohr. †MS. Symphony, Jos. Strauss. 1st app. of Nau, Molique. Liszt, Ole Bull, and Henry Field (Bath), play.

1841. Lobegesang. Overtures, †'Benv. Cellini,' Berlioz; 'Vampyr,' Lindpaintner; 'Regicide,' Lucas. Choral Symphony. Bennett's C minor Concerto. Liszt, Vieuxtemps, David, play. 1st app. of Dolby, Lowe, Misses Williams.

1842. †MS. Symphony and †MS. Concerto, Molique. †MS. Symphony, (Virtue and Vice), Spohr. Mendelssohn conducts †Scotch Symphony and Hebrides, and plays his D minor Concerto. 1st app. of Miss Bassano, Adelaide Kemble, Parish-Alvars. Bennett and Thalberg play; Mario sings.

1843. †Overture, 'Macbeth,' Spohr. †Chopin's F minor Concerto (Dulcken). Choral Fantasia (Mrs. Anderson). †MS. Concert-piece in A minor, Bennett. Choral Symphony (twice), Lobgesang. Weihe der Töne. 1st app. of Albertazzi, Staudigl, Sivori, Mme. Oury, Dreyschock. Spohr plays and conducts. N.B. Nine concerts.

1844. †Overture, Leonora, No. 1. †Ruins of Athens. †Overture and Suite, Bach, †Walpurgisnight. Beethoven's Concerto in G, and Violin do. Midsummer N. D. music. 1st app. of Ernst, Sainton, Joachim, Piatti, Buddens. Mendelssohn conducts last 5 concerts. Sivori, Bennett, play. 1st app. of Castellan, A. Thillon.

1845. Macfarren's Symphony in C♯ minor. Overture, 'Cantemire,' Fesca. †Concerto, D minor, Bach (Moscheles). Walpurgisnight. 1st app. of L. de Meyer, Milanollos, Pischek, Cavallini; Sainton, Oury, Vieuxtemps, Bennett, play.

1846. Mr. Costa conducts (till 1854). †Beethoven's Mass in D. †Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto (Sivori). †MS. Concerto, P. Alvars (Mme. Dulcken). †Spohr's Concerto in G (Sainton). †Bennett's Caprice in E (Bennett). †Spohr's Concertante, MS. 1st app. Mme. Pleyel, Lockey, Lavigne. H. Field, Vieuxtemps, P. Alvars, play.

1847. Mass in C, Beethoven. †Symphony in D (3 movements), Mozart. Beethoven's Choral Symphony, Concerto in G (Mendelssohn), Violin Concerto (Joachim). Midsummer N. D. music. Scotch Symphony. Mendelssohn conducted and played at the 4th concert—his last visit. 1st app. of Kate Loder, Hellmesberger, Persiani. Bennett, Vieuxtemps, play: H. Phillips sings 'On Lena's gloomy heath,' Mendelssohn (MS.).

1848. †Mendelssohn's 'To the sons of Art.' †Overture, 'Struensee.' †Symphony, B minor, A. Hesse. Overture, 'Siege of Corinth,' Rossini. †Overture, 'Titania,' Griesbach, 'Parisina,' Bennett. 1st app. of Viardot Garcia, Alboni, H. C. Cooper, Prudent.

1849. Mendelssohn's †Athalie (twice), †Buy Bias (MS.), and Serenade and Allo giojoso. Choral Symphony. 1st app. of Mlle. Neruda, L. Sloper, Hancock (cello), J. B. Chatterton, Sims Reeves, Miss Lucombe Jetty Treffz, Wartel.

1850. Griesbach's †MS. Overture, 'Tempest.' Concertstück, C minor, Benedict. Walpurgisnight. 1st app. of Charton, Hayes, Pyne, Formes, Alard, Benedict, Salaman. Thalberg plays Mozart's D minor Concerto.

1851. †MS. Overture, Schlösser. †Concertos—†violin—E♭, Mozart (Sainton); †Spohr, No. 2 (Blagrove); PF,