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Hummel. A minor (Pauer). Choral Symphony. Trumpet Overture. 1st app. of Reichardt, J. Stockhausen, Bottesini, W. H. Holmes, Pauer.

1852. †Hiller's Symphony 'Im Freien.' †Scotch fantasia, Joachim. Overture, 'Don Quixote,' Macfarren. 1st app. Clauss, Halle, John Thomas, Gardoni. Hiller conducts (June 28).

1853. †'Praise of Music,' Beethoven. †A minor Symphony, Gade. †Overture, Scherzo, and Finale, Schumann. †Loreley finale, Mendelssohn (Pyne). †'Harold in Italy' (Sainton); 'Repose' (Gardoni); Overture, 'Carnaval Romain'—all by Berlioz. †Hiller's Concerto (Hiller) †Overture, 'Genneserin,' Lindpaintner. *MS. Symphony, Cherubini. Midsummer N.D. music (twice). 1st app. F. Hiller, Winterbottom.

1854. †Symphony, B flat, Schumann. †MS. Symphony, Rosenhain. 1st app. Belletti.

1855. Wagner conducts. †Selection, 'Lohengrin.' MS. Symphony in B♭, Lucas. †Overture, 'Chevy Chase,' Macfarren. †Overture, 'Tannhäuser' (twice). †Concerto, E minor, Chopin (Halle). 1st app. Jenny Ney, Rudersdorff.

1856. Sterndale Bennett conducts (till 1866). Schumann's †'Paradise and Peri.' Overtures, †'Don Carlos,' Macfarren; †'Antony and Cleopatra,' Potter. †13 Vars. sérieuses, Mendelssohn. 1st app. Arabella Goddard, Mme. Schumann, Mme. Lind. N.B. Six concerts.

1857. †PF. Concerto in G, Rubinstein. 1st app. Remenyi, A. Rubinstein. Six concerts.

1858. †Concerto No. 4, David. 1st app. W. G. Cusins, Bott.

1859. †Joachim's Hungarian Concerto (Joachim). Bennett's 'May Queen.' 1st app. Caillag, Artot. Six concerts.

1860. †Symphony, 'The Seasons,' Spohr. †Concerto, Dussek, G minor (Goddard). 1st app. Becker, Lübeck, Kömpel, Paque, Parepa, Santley. Six concerts.

1861. 1st app. Lemmens Sherrington, Delle Sedie. J. F. Barnett, Straus, O. Goldschmidt. Moscheles's last appearance. Eight concerts again.

1862. Jubilee year. Symphony, Gade. Overtures, *†'Paradise and Peri,' Bennett; 'Genoveva,' Schumann. Concertos—†Triple, Beethoven (Joachim, Piatti, Cusins); †A minor, Viotti (Joachim); †Cello, Davidoff (Davidoff), †Cello, Piatti (Piatti), Violin, David (Becker). 'Hear my Prayer,' Mendelssohn (Mme. Lind). 1st app. Titiens, Mlles. Marchisio, Davidoff, Lavigne. N.B. Nine concerts.

1863. †Music to Egmont, Beethoven. Overture, 'Ossian,' Gade. March in Tannhäuser. †Fantasia appassionato, Rietz (Piatti). 1st app. Buzian.

1864. Symphonies—*†Bennett, MS., G minor; Schumann in C. Overtures—'Fernan Cortez,' Spontini; 'Merry Wives,' Nicolai. Concertos—†Bennett, No. 1 (H. Thomas); †Joachim, No. 2, in G (Joachim). Serenade and Allo giojoso, Mendelssohn (Hartvigson). 1st app Bettelheim, Gunz, Trebelli, Crozier.

1865. Overtures—'Le Philtre,' Auber; †'Rienzi,' Wagner. Concertos—†Flute, Molique (Svendsen); PF. Schumann (Mme. Schumann). Finale to Loreley (Titiens). 1st app. Murska, Harriers-Wippern, Sinico, Agnesi. Lauterbach, Svendsen.

1866. Schumann's 'Paradise and Peri' (Parepa). Gounod's Symphony in E♭. 1st app. Ubrich, Cummings, Auer, Jaell, Mehlig, Wieniawsky. N.B. Sterndale Bennett resigns.

1867. W. G. Cusins appointed conductor. *†Overture, 'Marmion,' Sullivan. Symphonies—Beethoven, Choral; Schubert, B minor; Schumann, D minor. 1st app. Nilsson, Mme. Patey, Grützmacher.

1868. Reformation Symphony, Mendelssohn. Overtures—'Elise,' Cherubini; †'Rosenwald,' Lucas: †Symphonique. J. F. Barnett; 'Nonne Sanglante,' Gounod; †'Selva incantata,' Benedict. †Concertstück (op. 92.) Schumann (Mme. Schumann). Concertos—†Max Bruch (Straus); †Besekirsky; Reinecke (Jaell). 1st app. Foli, Kellogg, V. Rigby, E. Wynne, Besekirsky, Carrodus, Rendano.

1869. N.B. Concerts removed to St. James's Hall. Programmes annotated by Prof. Macfarren. †Symphonies—Woelfl, G minor. Overtures—'Camacho,' Mendelssohn; 'King Manfred,' Reinecke; 'Rosamunde,' Schubert. 1st app. H. Holmes, Neruda, Reinecke, Zimmermann, Regan, Monbelli.

1870. Symphony, E♭, Schumann. Overture. 'In Memoriam,' Sullivan. Concerto, B♭, Piatti. Beethoven's 9 Symphonies. 1st. app. Orgenyi.

1871. Symphonies—†Gounod in D; Schubert in C. Overtures—'Mireille,' Gounod: 'Wood Nymph,' Bennett; 'Rienzi,' Wagner. †Saltarello, Gounod. †Concerto grosso, G minor, Handel. †Concertino, Bottesini. 1st app. Brandes, Capoul, Faure. N.B. Bust of Beethoven presented by Frau Linzbauer. Gold medal struck by Wyon for presentation to artists.

1872. Brahms's Serenade in D. Overtures—Bennett, †'Ajax'; Benedict, 'Tempest.' Concertos—†Bach in G; †Handel, oboe, G minor; Liszt, E♭; Cusins, A minor. 1st app. Delaborde; Hartvigson, Carlotta Patti, Peschka-Leutner, Marimon, M. Roze.

1873. Symphony, †C. P. E. Bach in D; †'Tasso,' Liszt. †Requiem, Brahms. Bach's Chromatic Fantasia. Overtures—'Faust,' Spohr; 'Alfonso and Estrella,' Schubert; 'Medecin,' Gounod; 'Holländer,' Wagner; 'St. John the Baptist' (MS.), Macfarren. Concertos—Rubinstein, G; Brahms, D minor; Macfarren, G minor (Straus). 1st app. Alvsleben, Lloyd, Colyns, Von Bülow.

1874. †Concerto grosso in A, Handel. Serenade in A, Brahms. Overture, 'Genoveva,' Schumann; †'Taming of the Shrew,' Rheinberger. †Concerto, Lalo in F (Sarasate). 1st app. Sterling, Essipoff, Krebs, Saint-Saëns, Sarasate.

1875. Concert in memory of Bennett; his Prelude and †Funeral march, 'Ajax'; and 'Woman of Samaria.' Symphony, 'Im Walde,' Raff. Fest-Overture, Benedict. Concertos—Vieuxtemps in A minor (Wieniawski); Raff, P.F., C minor (Jaell). Variations on theme by Haydn, Brahms. Music in the 'Tempest,' Sullivan. *†Idyll on Bennett, Macfarren. Choral Symphony. 1st app. Breitner, Papini, Wilhelmj, Thekla Friedlander, S. Löwe, Shakespeare. N.B. Bennett's funeral, at Westminster Abbey, conducted by Philharmonic Society, R. Acad. of Music, and R. Soc. of Musicians.

1876. †Dramatic Symphony, Rubinstein. Suite, B minor, Bach (flute). Overtures—'Merry Wives,' Bennett, †'Wallenstein's Camp,' 'Rheinberger; †'Love's Labour's Lost,' Cusins; 'Meistersinger,' Wagner. Concertos—Henselt, F minor (Barth); Rubinstein, E♭ (Rubinstein); Goltermann (Laserre). Brahms's Requiem (2nd time). 1st app. Barth, Osgood, Rodeker. N.B. Ten concerts.

1877. Symphonies—†Silas in C; Brahms in C minor. Overtures—Elegiac, Joachim; 'Lay of Last Minstrel,' J. F. Barnett: 'Parisina,' Bennett. Concertos—Mozart, harp and flute; Grieg, A minor; Raff, cello. Schumann's Faust, Pt. 3. 1st app. Dannreuther, R. Hausmann, Henschel, McGuckin. P. Viardot. N.B. Ten concerts.

1878. Overture, 'Don Quixote,' Macfarren. Huldignngsmarsch, Wagner. Concerto, Violin, MS., Wieniawski. †Violin Suite, Raff (Sarasate). 1st app. Brüll, Planté, Thursby, Schou. N.B. Eight concerts.

1879. Symphonies—Ocean, Rubinstein; E minor, MS., Macfarren. Overture, Italian, Schubert. Concertos—Brahms, Violin, MS. (Joachim, twice); Saint-Saens, G minor; Fantaisie Norvégienne, Lalo (Sarasate). †Bach's Organ Prelude and Fugue, A minor (Saint-Saëns). 1st app. Janotha, Saint-Saëns, Maas.

1880. Symphonies—in D, Brahms; in E minor, Sullivan. Overtures—†'Twelfth Night,' MS., Benedict; †'Mountain, Lake, and Moorland,' MS., H. Thomas; †'Frühlings,' Goetz; †'Phédre,' Massenet; 'Hero and Leander,' MS., W. C. Macfarren; 'Recollections of the Past,' MS., C. E. Stephens; 'Gustave,' Auber. Concertos—Mozart, 2 PF.s. (Mehlig, Bache); †Jackson, PF., D minor, MS. (Zimmermann); Rubinstein, PF., in G (Timanoff); Scharwenka, PF.; Piatti, D minor. Variations for Violin, Joachim. 1st app. Montigny Rémaury, Sauret, Scharwenka, Timanoff.

The following remarks, which appeared in the 'Times' on the occasion of the Jubilee Concert of 1862, give an excellent résumé of the proceedings of the Society up to that date:—

The 'Jubilee Concert' was worthy to commemorate the event in honour of which it was projected—viz. the successful completion of the 50th year ot the Philharmonic Society, its 'golden wedding' with the sympathies of our musical public. Since its institution in 1813 the Philharmonic Society has, to use a homely phrase, seen its 'ups and downs.' Nevertheless, even in its darkest and most threatening periods, it has never once departed from the high standard which it set itself from the beginning, never once by lowering the standard endeavoured pusillanimously to minister to a taste less scrupulous and refined than that to which it made its first appeal, and to which it is indebted for a world-wide celebrity. Thus it has never forfeited the good opinion of those who actually constitute the tribunal which in this country adjudges the real position of the musical art. and who have invariably rallied round the 'Phil-