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Op. 28. Sonata, PP. and Violin ; D. Also in Op. 27.



��Op. 80. 3 Quartets for Strings ; Eb, C, D (1805?).

Op. 31. Grand Duo, PF. and Cello (or Violin), (1805).

Op. 32. Concerto (No. 3, in F, ' dedicated to his friend J. B. Cramer'), PF. and Orchestra (1807).

Op. 33. 3 Sonatas, PF. ; C, D, E (1807).!

Op. 34. 3 Sonatas, PF. and Violin (or Flute); F. G, Eb (1804?). Also ' Op. 37.'

Op. 35. 3 Sonatas, PF. and Flute ; C, Q, D (1806). (Scotch Airs.)

Op. 36. Concerto (No. 4, ' The Calm,' in G), PF. and Orchestra <1806).2

Op. 36. Grand Sonata, PF. ; Bb.

Op. 37. Grand Duet, PF. and Harp ; Bb.

Op. 38. 8 Sonatas. PF. ; G, D, B minor. (Scotch Airs).

Op. 38. Sonata, PF. ; D (1808 ?). Also ' Op. 58.'

Op. 39.

Op. 40. Symphony (ded. to Cherubinl), No. 1 ; G minor (1808?).

Op. 41. Symphony, No. 2 ; C (1808 ?).

Op. 41. Grand Sonata C Non [or ' Ne '] Plus Ultra '), PF. ; F.4

Op. 42. Sonata (4 hands), PF. with Flute (or Violin), ad lib. ; G. minor. A Version of his G minor Symphony.

Op. 43. Grand Concerto militaire, PF. and Orchestra ; C.

Op. 43. 3 Sonatas (ded. to Catalan!), PF. and Flute (or Violin). Also 'Op. 46."

Op. 44.

Op. 45. Sonata (or Sonatas), PF.

Op. 45. 3 Sonatas (ded. to Catalan!). PF. and Flute (or Violin). Also 'Op. 43.'

Op. 46. Grand Duet for PF. (4 hands) with Flute ace. Probably Op. 42.'

Op. 46. 3 Sonatas, PF. with ace. for Flute ad lib.; G, F. C. (Scotch.)

Op. 47. Sonata (or Sonatas), PF.

Op. 47. 3 Sonatas, PF. with ace. for Flute (or Violin) ad HI. ; D.G.F.

Op. 48. 3 Sonatas, PF., Flute, and Cello j G, F, D (1810?).

Op. 49. Concerto (No. 5. ' The Cuckoo,' in D), PF. and Orchestra 1810?). Also 'No. 4,'

Op. 50. Grand Sonata ( Le diable a quatre '), PF. j B.

Op. 51.

Op. 52. Sonata for Harp, with ace. for Flute ; C.

Op. 53. 3 Sonatas, PF. ; F, C, Bb.

Op. 54. 3 Sonatas, PF. ; G, A minor, D.

Op. 55. 3 Grand Sonatas, PF. ; A minor, D, A.

Op. 56. Practical School for the PF., consisting of 50 Exerciser. In two Books.

Op. 57. Duet, Harp and PF ; F.

Op. 58. 3 Sonatas, PF.

Op. 58. Sonata, PF ; D. Also Op. 38.

Op. 59. Divertissement ('La Voyage de Ve'nus,' at ' Ve'nus en voyage '), PF.

Op. 60. Sonata, PF.

Op. 61. Second Sonata, ' With the Manly Heart.*

Op. 61. Second Divertissement, PF. ; Eb.

Op. 62. Grand Sonata, PF. ; D.

Op. 63.

Op. 64. Grand Concerto (in E), PF. and Orchestra.'

Op. 65.

Op. 66. 8 Trios, PF. Violin, and Cello.

Op. 66. Trio, PF. Flute, and Cello ; C.

Op. 67. Grand Sonata, PF. and Violin ; E.

Op. 68. Grand Sonata. PF. and Violin ; D minor.

Op. 69. Sonata (4 hands), PF. ; C. Also ' Op. 17.'


Der HBIlenberg, opera. Libretto by Schikaneder. Schikaneder's Theatre, Vienna, 1795.

Das schOne Milchmadchen oder der Guckkasten, operetta. Na- tional Theatre, Vienna, 1797.

Der Kopf ohne Mann, operetta. Schikaneder's Theatre (?), Vienna, 1798.

Das Trojanlsche Pferd, operetta. Libretto by Schmieder. Written In 1799 (A. M. Z. vol. li. p. 238), but apparently never performed.

��1 The second Sonata in an English edition Is in D minor. Fetis gives 3 Trios for PF. Violin, and Cello, as Op. 33, but It would appear to be a misprint for 23.

2 The number of this Concerto is very doubtful. It Is given as No. 4 in A. M. Z. vol. Ix. Intell. Blatt. x., and this number has been adopted, but Breitkopf & H/irtel call it No. 1 (cp. Op. 20) In their Catalogue, and Fells describes it as No. 6.

3 This Duet seems to have been brought out at Salomon's Concert on May 21, 1806. It could also be played on two FF.s, and was ar- ranged for 4 hands on one FF. by the author. The 3 Sonatas for FF. and Violin or Flute of Op. 34, were published by Clement! with Op. 37, by a misprint, on the title-page.

4 See NON PLOS ULTRA, vol. ii. p. 465 o.

s This Sonata was also published as Op. 5, unless, indeed, this is a misprint. It is possible that Op. 50 included some other Sonatas, as the publisher (Birchall) announces this as ' a 4th Grand Sonata for PF.'

The publisher (Birchall) describes this Concerto as ' by the late J. Woelff, being the last composition of that celebrated author.' It Is, therefore, probably the Concerto played at Salomon's Benefit Con- cert, May 16. 1812.

VOL. IV. FT. 4.

��Liebe maeht kurzen Process, oder Die Heyrath auf gewisse Art, comic opera, composed by Hoffmeister, Haibel. Sttssmayer, Henue- berg, Stegmayer, Triebensee, von Seyfried, and WoelflJ

L'Amour Romanesque, comic opera, in one act. Libretto by D'Ar- mand Charlemagne. Theatre Feydeau, 1804.

Fernand ou les Maures, heroic opera in 3 acts. The'iUre Feydeau, Paris, 1805. Produced anonymously.

La Surprise de Diane ou le Triomphe de 1" \mour, grand ballet. King's Theatre, London, Dec. 21, 1805.

Alzire, grand ballet. Composed by Rossi. King's Theatre, London, Jan. 27, 1807.


Die Geister des See's (words, from Schiller's ' Musenalmanach ' tor 1799, by Fraulein Amalie von Imhoff). Ballade, with PF. ace. vol. i. (1799).

11 Lieder und eine vierstimmige Hymne von Rainier, with PF. ace. Vol. ii. (1799).

6 English songs, dedicated to Mme. Bianchl.s



Sonata ; C mlnor.9

Bouquet de Flore (ded. to his pupils), containing (1) Favourite German air with 9 var. ; (2) Favourite Polacca, arr. as a Rondo with ace. (ad lib.) for Flute ; (3) Augustin, a favourite German Waltz, arr. as a Capriccio, with Flute or Violin ad lib. ; (4) Sonata (4 hands) in F ; (5) 6 Waltzes with ace. for Harp aJ lib. ; (6) Turkish March and Rondo with ace. for Harp ad lib.

The Cabinet (Rondos, Airs with var., and military pieces). This was to be completed in 12 numbers to be published monthly. The titles of the first seven numbers are as follows: (1) 'Lullaby,' Variations ; (2) ' Alone by the Light of the Moon,' Rondo ; (3) ' What's the matter now, 1 Variations; (4) 'The Linnet,' Rondo; (5) ' Lord Cornwall's March;' (6) 'Donna Delia'; (7) 'Fair Ellen was a gentle maid.'

The Harmonic Budget, Issued In twelve monthly numbers, com- mencing July 1, 1810 10; 6 Preludes, PF. 12 Waltzes, PF. Trio, PF. Flute, and Cello ; C. 6 Preludes.

3 Songs' The Sigh," ' Soul of my Love," ' Rosalie.' March, PF. ; D. 6 Preludes, PF. 3 Polaccas. PF. Sonata, PF. ; E. 6 Preludes, PF.

Fisher's Minuet with var., PF. and Harp ; Bb. Duet, PF. and Violin ; D minor.

Overture to ' La Bataille de Salamine,' PF. (4 hands) ; C minor. Duet, PF. ; C. Allegretto ; B b.

24 Preludes dans les Modes majeurs et mineurs les plus mites. Bon Jour, Rondeau favori ; G. Bon Soir, Rondeau favori ; D. La Chasse, Rondo ; C. Rondo, Bb.

3Hondeaux;Bb, D.Bb. Rondo facile et brillante ; 0. Heigho, Rondo.

Hark I hear the evening bell, Rondo. March and Military Rondo. Grand March.

Portuguese March (ded. to Bishop of Oporto), 1810 ; D. 3 Polonaises, Harp and PF. Polacca.

12 Valses (1803). 6 Valses.

6 Valses (4 hands).


Grand Fantasia O mon cher Augustin.

Two Books of Duets with favourite airs from Le Nozze de Figaro.

��7 This work has been variously ascribed to each of the first three named, but Woelfl's share was far the largest, amounting to nearly half the work, viz. Nos. 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 14, and 15, out of a total of 15. The date usually given is 1801. If Internal evidence is to go for any- thing, It must have been written for Schikaneder's Theatre, and Woelfl's participation in the work makes an earlier date more prob-

s Of these songs, Nos. 2, 3, and 6, were afterwards (1810) printed la The Harmonic Budget.'

This Sonata did not appear under Woelfl's name. It was pub- lished by Lodi about 1797 as op. 18, and an arrangement of It for 4 hands, in which it was attributed to Lodl, was published more than thirty years after by Crelle. The Sonata, however, was almost cer- tainly composed by Woelfl, Lodi's share In It being confined to the Insertion of a few errors, after the fashion of the ignorant schoolboy who has got a good copy of verses done for him. For the whole history of this very curious transaction see Woelfl's Letter to Lodi, which remained unanswered, in the A. M. Z. for 1800 (vol. ii. Intell. Blatt. No. 10), and Fink's article on the matter in the same journal In 1832 (vol. xxxlv. pp. 737 sq.).

10 A good deal of the music In this publication appears to have been published separately either before or afterwards, as e. g. the songs, Fisher's Minuet, the Preludes (?).

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