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Op. Description. Composed. Original Publisher. Dedicated to
97 Trio, PF. V. C. (B♭). 1811, Mar. 3–26.—Aut. Mendelssohns, Berlin Steiner, Vienna, 1816, Parts.
98 Six Songs, 'An die ferne (aut. entfernte) Geliebte. Liederkreis,' by A. Jeitteles. April 1816. Steiner, Vienna, Dec. 1816. Prince Joseph von Lobkowitz.
99 Song, 'Der Mann von Wort,' by Kleinschmid (G). Aut. Gurckhaus, Leipzig. Steiner, Vienna, Nov. 1818.
100 Duet, 'Merkenstein near Baden,' by J. B. Rupprecht. (F) Dec. 22, 1814 (?) Steiner, Vienna, Sept. 1816. Count von Dietrichstein (Dedn. by Rupprecht).
101 Sonata, PF. (Hammer-klavier) (A). First performance Feb. 18, 1816. Steiner, Vienna, Feb. 1817. Baroness Dorothea Ertmann.
102 Two Sonatas, PF. C. (C, D). July and Aug. 1815.—Aut. {'Freie Sonata '), 0. Jahn, Bonn. Simrock, Bonn and Cologne, 1817. Artaria, Vienna, Jan. 1819. No dedication. Countess von Erdödy.
103 Octet, 2 Ob. 2 Clars. 2 Cors. 2 Fag. (E♭). The original of Op. 4. Aut. Artaria. Artaria, Vienna, 1884.
104 Quintet, V. V. Va. Va. C (C minor), arranged by Beethoven from op. 1, no. 3. Aug. 14, 1817.—Aut. Artaria. Artaria. Vienna, Feb. 1819, Parts.
105 Six very easy themes varied, PF. F. or V. 1818, 1819. Artaria, Vienna, Sept. 1819.
106 Grand Sonata, PF. (Hammer-Klavier) (B♭). 1818. Artaria, Vienna, Sept. 1819. Archduke Rudolph.
107 Ten [national] themes with variations, PF. F. or V. 1818–20. N. Simrock, Bonn and Cologne, 1820.
108 Twenty-five Scotch Songs, 2 Voices and small chorus, PF. V. C. May 1815(?). Schlesinger, Berlin. Pr. Radzivil.
109 Sonata, PF. (E). 1820(?).—Aut. Schlesinger, Baden-Baden. Schlesinger, Berlin, Nov. 1821. Frl. Maximiliana Brentano.
110 Sonata. PF. (Hammerklavier). (A♭). Dec. 25, 1821.—Aut. Artaria, Vienna. Schlesinger, Berlin and Paris, Aug. 1822.
111 Sonata, PF. (C minor); the last sonata. Jan. 13, 1822.—Aut. Artaria, Vienna Schlesinger, Berlin and Paris, April 1813. Archduke Rudolf (ded. by publishers).
112 Calm sea and prosperous voyage. S.A.T.B. and Orch. Goethe's words. 1815.—Revised copy, C. Haslinger, Vienna. Steiner & Co. Vienna, Feb. 28, 1823. Goethe.
113 The Ruins of Athens. Kotzebue's words. Chorus and Orch. Overture and 8 numbers. For No. 4, see op. 76. 1811. Produced Feb. 9, 1812.—Aut. of Overture and Nos. 3, 6, 8, and corrected copy of No.7, C.Haslinger. Aut. No. 2, Artaria. Artaria, Vienna. 1846. King of Prussia.
114 March and Chorus (E♭) from 'Ruins of Athens,' for the Dedication of the Josephstadt Theatre, Vienna. . . . . . . Steiner & Co. Vienna, 1824.
115 Grand Overture in C, composed (gedichtet) for grand Orchestra; sometimes called 'Namesfeier.' 'Am ersten Weinmonath (October) 1814.' Produced Dec. 25, 1815. Steiner & Co. Vienna, 1825. Prince Radzivil.
116 Terzetto, 'Tremate,' S.T.B. (B♭). 1802. Steiner & Co. Vienna, 1826.
117 King Stephen, Grand Overture (E♭) and 9 numbers. 1811, for performance with Op. 113 on Feb. 9, 1812. T. Haslinger, Vienna, 1815, Overture, Score alone. The other numbers in Breitkopf 's general edition.
118 Elegiac Song. S. A. T. B. and Strings (E). In memory of Eleonora Pasqualati, died Aug. 23, 1811. 'Summer 1814.'—Aut. C. Haslinger, Vienna. T. Haslinger, Vienna, July 1826. 'His friend' Baron Pasqualati.
119 New Bagatelles, easy and agreeable, PF. (G minor, G, D, A, C minor, G, G, C, C, A minor, A, B♭, G). Nov. 1–6, 1822. Nos. 7–11 in Starke's Vienna PF. School, 1821. Nos.l–ll. Schlesinger, Paris, end of 1823. No. 12 Diabelli & Co. Vienna, 1828 or later.
120 33 Variations on a Waltz (by Diabelli) (C), composed for a collection called 'Vaterlndischer Knstlerverein.' 1823(?).—Aut. C. A. Spina, Vienna. Cappi & Diabelli, Vienna, June 1823. Mad. Antonia von Brentano.
121a Adagio, Variations, and Rondo, PF. V. C. (G). . . . . . . Steiner & Co. Vienna May 7, 1824.
121b Opferlied, by Matthisson, Sopr. with Chorus and Orch. 1822(?). The original version 1802. Produced Ap. 4, 1824.—Aut. PF. score, G. Petter, Vienna. Schott & Sons, Mainz, 1825.
122 Bundeslied, by Goethe (B♭), S. A. Chorus and Wind. 1823.—Aut. PF. score, G. Petter, Vienna. Schott & Sons, Mainz, 1825.
123 Mass in D, 'Messe Solennelle.' 1823.—Aut. Kyrie, Imp. Library, Berlin; the rest, Artaria, Vienna. A revised MS. (M. Solennis) in the Musikgesellschaft Library, Vienna. Schott & Sons, Mainz, April, 1827. Archduke Rudolph.
124 Overture In C, called 'Weihe des Hauses.' Written for opening of Josephstadt Theatre, Vienna. End Sept. 1822.—Aut. Artaria, Vienna. Schott & Sons, 1826. Prince N. Galitzin.
125 Symphony, No. 9 (D minor), Grand Orch. S. A. T. B. and Chorus. 1823.—Aut. of first three movements in Imp. Library, Berlin. Portions of Finale, Artaria, Vienna. Schott & Sons, 1826. King of Prussia.
126 Six Bagatelles, PF. (G, G minor, E♭, B minor, G, E♭, E♭). Early in 1823.—Aut. Ritter von Pfusterschmid, Vienna. Schott & Sons, Mainz, 1825.
127 Quartet. V. V. Va. C. (The 12th) (E♭). 1824.—Aut. first movement, Mendeissohns, Berlin; second do. Artaria, Vienna. Schott & Sons, Mainz, Mar. 1826, Parts. Prince N. Galitzin.
128 Arietta. The Kiss,' by Weisse. End of 1822.—Aut. formerly Ascher, Vienna. Schott & Sons, Mainz, early 1825.
129 Rondo a capriccio, PF. (G.), 'Fury over a lost groschen, vented in a caprice.' . . . . . . A. Diabelli & Co. Vienna, 1828.