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Op. Description. Composed. Original Publisher. Dedicated to
130 Quartet. VV. Va. C. (B♭). (The 13th.) 1825 and (finale) Nov. 1826.—Aut. First movement Mendelssohns, Berlin; second do. F. Gross; third do. J. Hellmesberger; Cavatina, Artaria; Finale Ascherall in Vienna. Produced with op. 133 as finale, Mar. 21. 1826. Artaria. Vienna. May 7. 1827. Prince N. Galitzin.
131 Quartet, V. V. Va. C. (C♯ minor). 'Fourth Quartet.' (The 14th.) Oct. 1826.—Aut. First movement, Mendelssohns, Berlin. Revised MS. Schotts. Mainz. Schott & Sons, Mainz, Ap. 1827. Baron von Stutterheim.
132 Quartet. V. V. Va. C. (A minor), 'Second Quartet.' (The 15th.) 1825. Produced Nov. 6, 1825.—Aut. Mendelssohns, Berlin. Schlesinger, Berlin, Sept. 1827. Prince N. Galitzin.
133 Grand Fugue. V. V. Va. C. (B♭) 'Tantôt libre. tantôt recherchée.' Originally the Finale to Op. 130. Aut. ('Ouvertura'), Artaria, Vienna. M. Artaria, Vienna, May 10. 1827. Archduke Rudolph.
134 Grand Fugue (Op. 133), arranged by the Author for PF. 4 hands. . . . . . . M. Artaria, Vienna, May 10, 1827. Archduke Rudolph.
135 Quartet, V. V. Va. C. (F.)—(the last.) Gneixendorf, Oct. 30, 1826.—Aut. of second and fourth movements formerly with Ascher, Vienna. Aut. of the parts, Schlesinger, Baden-Baden. Schlesinger. Berlin. Sept. 1827. 'His friend Johann Wolfmayer.'
136 Der glorreiche Augenblick ('the glorious moment'}, Cantata, S. A. T. B. Chorus and Orch; words by A. Weissenbach. 6 numbers. Sept. 1814. Produced Nov. 29, 1814.—Aut. C. Haslinger, Vienna. T. Haslinger, Vienna, 1896. The Sovereigns of Austria, Russia and Prussia.
Also as Preis der Tonkunst ('Praise of Music') by F. Rochlitz. . . . . . . T. Haslinger, Vienna, 1836.
137 Fugue, V. V. Va. C. (D). Composed for a collection of B.'s works projected by Haslinger, now in the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, Vienna. Nov. 2, 1827. T. Haslinger, Vienna. 1827.
138 Overture, Orch. (C), known as 'Leonora, no. 1,' but really Leonora, no. 3. See Op. 72. 1807(?). Revised MS. score. C. Haslinger, Vienna. T. Haslinger, Vienna, 1898. Score.
139 12 Minuets, D, B♭, G, E♭, C, A, D, B♭, G, E♭, C, F. Before Nov. 22, 1795.—Rev MS. Parts, Artaria, Vienna PF. arrangement, Artaria & Co. Dec. 1795. Score, B. & H. edition.
140 12 Deutsche Tnze, C, A, F, B♭, E♭, G, C, A, F, D, G, C. Before Nov. 22, 1795. PF. arrangement, Artaria & Co. Dec. 1795. Score, B & H. edition.
141 12 Contretnze, C, A, D, B♭, E♭, C, E♭, C, A, C, G, E♭. N.B. No. 7 is the dance used in the Finale of Prometheus, the Eroica, etc. No. 11 also used in Finale of Prometheus. Nos. 2, 9, 10, 1802. Nos. 8, 7, 10, 4, 9, 1, for PF. only. Mollo & Co. Vienna. April 1802. Early in 1803. Orch. Parts of the 12. Score. B & H. edition.
142 Minuet of congratulation (E♭), for Hensler, Director of New Josephstadt Theatre. Nov, 1822.[1] Artaria, Parts 1835. Score, B. & H. edition.
143 Triumphal March, for Kuffner's 'Tarpeia' or 'Hersilla' (C). Before Mar. 26, 1813. Revised Parts, C. Haslinger, Vienna. For PF. in 'Die musik, Biene' Pt. 5, No. 9, Vienna 1819. In Score after 1827, T. Haslinger, Vienna.
144 Military March (D). Before June 4, 1816. For PF. Cappi & Czerny, Vienna. Ap. 1827. In Breitkopf's complete ed.
145 Military March (F), (Zapfenstreich). For the Carrousel on Aug. 25, 1810. 1809. Schlesinger. Berlin, 1822.
146 Rondino (E♭), 2 Ob. 2 Clar. 2 Cors. 2 Fags. Very early.—Aut. C. A. Spina, Vienna.
147 3 Duos, Clar. and Fag. (C, F, B♭). . . . . . . Lefort, Paris, 1815 (?).
148 Allegro con Brio. V. Orch.(C). Fragment of 1st movement of a V. Concerto. Completed by Jos. Hellmesberger. 1800?—Aut. Library of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, Vienna. F. Schreiber, Vienna. 1879. Score. Dr. G. von Breuning.
149 Muslk zu einem Ritterballet. 1791(?) Rieter-Biedermann, Leipzig, 1872. Arranged for Piano by F. Dulcken.
150 Sonatina for the Mandoline and Cembalo (C minor). Aut. British Museum Add. MSS. 29,801. 'Dictionary of Music and Musicians' (Macmillans, London), under 'Mandoline.' Also by Ricordi.
151 Rondo, PF. and Orch. (B♭). Probably finished by Czerny. Perhaps intended for op. 19. Aut. Dlabelli. A. Diabelli & Co., Vienna. June 1829.
152 3 Quartets. PF. V. Va. C. (E♭, D, C). N.B. Adagio of No. 8 is employed in Op. 2, No. 1. 1785.—Aut. Artaria. Artaria, Vienna, 1832.
153 Trio, PF. V. C. (E♭). 1785(?)—Aut. Wegeler. Dunst, Frankfort, 1830.
154 Trio in one movement, PF. V. C. (B♭). June 2, 1812.—Aut. Brentanos at Frankfort. Dunst, Frankfort, 1830.
155 Rondo. Allegro, PF. and V. (G). Probably sent to Eleonora von Breuning in 1794. Simrock, Bonn, 1808.
156 12 Variations on 'Si vuol ballare.' PF. and V. (F). . . . . . . Artaria, Vienna. July 1793. Eleonora von Breuning.
  1. See 'Zweite Beethoveniana' p. 396 note.