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Introduction 1
By Frederick T. Gates, LL.D.
I. The Preparing of the Way
The first University of Chicago. The Baptist Union Theological Seminary. John D. Rockefeller. First appeals to Mr. Rockefeller. Morgan Park project. Dr. A. H. Strong and the New York University plans. Dr. W. R. Harper. Dr. H. L. Morehouse and the American Baptist Education Society. Frederick T. Gates.
II. The Inception of the Plan
First proposed by Mr. Rockefeller. Dr. Harper's efforts. Hindrances. Mr. Gates and the Education Society. The Committee of Nine. Mr. Rockefeller's initial subscription. The launching of the enterprise.
III. The Beginning of the Movement
The Committee of Thirty-six. Effort among Chicago Baptists. Effort among Baptists outside Chicago. Mr. Gates visits the East. Effort among Chicago business men. Alumni of the Old University. Aid from the Jews. Final success. Anniversaries in Chicago. First Board of Trustees. Dr. Harper elected President.
IV. The First President
William Rainey Harper. Early life. Connection with Denison University and Baptist Union Theological Seminary. Yale University. Estimates of him by Dr. A. H. Strong and Dr. G. W. Northrup. Election to the Presidency. Difficulties encountered in securing his acceptance. Becomes President.
V. The Educational Plan
The plan the work President Harper. First outlined in official bulletins. The five divisions. Officers. Senate, Council, and Boards. The academic year. Classification of courses. Plan well received by educators. Features which were modified. Features remaining unchanged.
VI. First Steps in Expansion
Only a College founded at the outset. Mr. Rockefeller gives a million dollars to make the College a University. The Divinity School. Plan of organization. Enlargement of site. Ogden Graduate School of science. A million dollars from Mr. Rockefeller. A million dollars from Chicago. Enlargement of the Faculty.