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VII. Students and Faculty
Expectations of attendance. Students report themselves. Applications for professorships. Selection of Faculty committed to President Harper. Difficulties encountered. The making of appointments.
VIII. The Earlier Buildings
Problems of the Committee on Buildings and Grounds. Divinity and Graduate Dormitories. Cobb Lecture Hall. Temporary gymnasium and library building. Snell Hall.Kelly Hall. Beecher Hall. Nancy Foster Hall. Kent Chemical Laboratory. Walker Museum. Ryerson Physical Laboratory. The President's House.
IX. The First Year
Opening exercises. Professors and students. Site and buildings. Christian Union. Receptions ot the Faculty. Student activities. Student publications. Fraternities. Clubs. Athletics. Social life. Convocations. University Extension. The Press. Houses. Telescope from Mr. Yerkes. Mr. Rockefeller makes additional gifts. Mr. Ryserson begins half-million-dollar fund.
X. The University and its Benefactors
More than ten thousand givers. Those who gave fifty thousand dollars or more. Givers of small amounts. John D. Rockefeller. His many contributions.his efforts to keep the expenses within the income. The end of deficits. His final gift. The extent of his benefactions.
XI. The Second Era of Building
Haskell Oriental Museum. Miss Helen Culver and the Hull Biological Laboratories. Charles T. Yerkes and the Yerkes Observatory> Green Hall. The development in Chicago of the spirit of giving.
XII. Further Expansion
Astronomy and the Yerkes Observatory. The Journals. New departments. Miss Culver and the Biological Departments. The School of Education. The Medical School. The Law School. Enlargement of the site. Mr. Rockefeller gives large tracts north and south of the Midway Plaisance. The Founder's final gift.
XIII. A Third Period of Building
Some small structures. Ellis Hall. Heat, light, and power plant. Press Building. Charles Hitchcock Hall. Hutchinson Hall. Mitchell Tower. Reynolds Club. Leon Mandel Assembly Hall. Frank Dickinson Bartlett Gymnasium. Law School. Emmons Blaine Hall. Lexington Hall.