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XIV. Some Important Departments
The Morgan Park Academy. The Divinity School. The Divinity houses. The Chicago Theological Seminary. Libraries, laboratories, and museums. The graduate schools. Board of Recommendations. Athletics. The Business Department.
XV. Some Important Events
The Quadrangle Club. The Summer Quarter. The University Congregation. The Quinquennial. The Founder's first visit. The University Preachers. The Decennial. The Founder's second visit. Honorary degrees. The Decennial Publications. Segregation. The death of President Harper. The election of President Judson. The Fifteenth Anniversary. Retiring allowances.
XVI. The Later Buildings of the First Quarter-Century
The William Rainey Harper Memorial Library. The Ryerson Physical Laboratory Annex. The Grand-Stand and Wall. The Howard Taylor Ricketts Laboratory. The Julius Rosenwald Hall. The Classics Building: Hiram Kelly Memorial The Ida Noyes Hall. The Theological Building.
XVII. The Developing University
Educational work committed to the Faculties. " Founded by John D. Rockefeller." Founder's Day. The University Settlement. Student Councils. Board of Student Organizations. Chapel. Religious work. Student organizations. Fraternities. The "Alma Mater." Academic freedom. The title of Associate. Convocations. Student publications. The alumni. Class gifts. President Judson's efforts to shorten curriculum. Statement of Dean Angell. Service to the public. The Honor Commission. The Coat of Arms and Seal. Motto. Trustees and Faculty. "Spirit of the University." Developments which can be put into figures. Conclusion.
Statement Submitted to the Board of Trustees at Its First Meeting, July 9, 1890, by F. T. Gates, Corresponding Secretary of the American Baptist Education Society
Articles of Agreement between the Baptist Theological Union, Located at Chicago, and the University of Chicago
First Faculty, 1892-93