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ᠰᡳ ᠨᡳᡴᠠᠨ ᠪᡳᡨ᠌ᡥᡝ ᠪᠠᡥᠠᠨᠠᡵᠠ

III. Senior. As to becoming a translator of Manchu, you are a Chinese scholar, and you can have no difficulty in learning to translate. All you need is an exclusive devotion of your mind to the one subject. Don't let anything interfere with your studies, and let these be progressive; and in two or three years,

si thou

nikan Chinese

bithe book

bahanara Fut. Part. (5) of bahanambi to comprehend

niyalma man

kai is, final particle

ubaliyambure Fut. (5) of ubaliyambumbi to translate

be accusative affix

tacici Cond. (6) of tacimbi to learn

umesi very

ja easy

dabala only

gūnin thought

girkūfi Past Ger. (8) of girkūmbi to exert

giyalan interval

lakcan interruption

akū not

emu one; emu anani one after the other without interruption

tacime Ger. (3) of tacimbi to learn

ohode supposing, if

juwe two

ilan three

aniya year

i genitive affix

siden middle

de in