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as a matter of course, you will be well on your way. If you glow for one day and are cold for ten days in your study, you may read for 20 years, but it will come to nothing.

IV. Junior. Will you do me the favour to look over these translations, sir, and make a few corrections?

ini cisui as a matter of course

dube point, end, extreme

da beginning, dube da the very beginning

tucimbi to come out

aika if

emu one

inenggi day

fiyakiyara Fut. (5) of fiyakiyambi to glow

juwan ten

inenggi day

šahūrara Fut. (5) of šahūrambi to be cold

adali like, similar to

tacici Cond. (6) of tacimbi to learn

utahi then

orin twenty

aniya year

bithe book

hūlaha Pret. (4) of hūlambi to read, study

seme Ger. (3) of sembi to say

inu yes, truly

mangga difficult

kai is, final particle

age elder brother, sir

mini my

ubaliyambuhangge Verbal Noun (21) of ubaliyambumbi to translate

be accusative affix

tuwafi Past Ger. (8) of tuwambi to look at

majige little

dasatarao Fut. (5) of dasatambi to correct with o implying a request.