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Senior. Oh, come, you really have made very great progress; every sentence runs as it should; every word is clear; I have not a fault to find. If you go up for your examination, success is in your own hands.

V. Senior. Have you returned yourself as a candidate at these examinations that are coming off now?

Junior. I should be glad enough to stand,

sini thy

tacihangge Verbal Noun (21) of tacimbi to learn

labdu much

nonggibuha Pret. (4) of nonggibumbi to make progress

gisun word, speech

tome all

ijishūn proper

hergen letter

aname singly

tomorhon clear

majige little

cilcin fault

akū not

simneci Cond. (6) of simnembi to be examined

seferehei Past Part. (4) of seferembi to take in the hand, with i, which makes the word an adverb

bahambi to obtain.

ere this

mudan time

ubaliyambure Fut. Part. (5) of ubaliyambumbi to translate

be accusative affix

simnere Fut. Part. (5) of simnembi to be examined

de in

gebu name

alibuhao Pret. (4) of alibumbi to offer, with interrogative o

akūn or not?

simneci Cond. (6) of simnembi to be examined

oci Cond. (6) of ombi to be

esi certainly

sain good

oci Cond. (6) of ombi to be