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but I am afraid that, being a B. A., I am not qualified.

Senior. What? when any bannerman can go up, do you mean to say that a man of your attainments would not be allowed to? Nonsense! why, even the boys from public schools may stand;

damu only

bithei book, with gen. affix i (文 wén)

šusai B. A. (秀才 hsiu t'sai)

ainahai how should it?

ombini to be, it will do, with interrogative particle ni

wei whose?

kooli custom

sini thy

gesengge similar

jakūn eight

gūsa banner

gemu all

simneci Cond. (6) of simnembi to be examined

ombime Ger. I (16) of ombi to be, may

sini thy

beye body, self

teile only

simneburakū Fut. Pass. (5) of simnembi to be examined, with akū not: will not be allowed to be examined

doro rule

bio is, with interrogative o

tere that

anggala not only

jurgangga public (義 i)

tacikūi school, with gen. affix. i

juse plural of jui son, child, scholar

gemu all

ojoro Fut. (5) of ombi to be, may

bade when