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and if so, how should a B. A. not be qualified? my younger brother is now working as hard as he can at Manchu for the little time that remains before he has to go up. Don't you throw away the opportunity. Add your name to the list at once.

šusai B. A.

be accusative affix

ai what?

hendure Fut. (5) of hendumbi to speak

simneci Cond. (6) of simnembi to be examined

ome Inf. (3) of ombi to be, may

ofi Past Ger. (8) of ombi to be, because

mini my

deo younger brother

ere this

siden interval

de to, in

teni highly

hacihiyame Ger. (3) of hacihiyambi to exert oneself

manju Manchu

bithe book

hūlambikai to read, with kai final particle

hūdun quickly

gebu name

yabubu Imp. Pass. (1) of yabumbi to go: cause to go, forward

nashūn opportunity

be accusative affix

ume do not

ufarabure Fut. (5) of ufarabumbi to neglect