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VI. Senior. Well, I hear that you have made such way in Manchu, that you are beginning to speak it quite correctly.

Junior. Nonsense! I understand it, certainly, when I hear it spoken, but it will be sometime yet before I can speak it myself. It is not only that I can't go right through with a piece of conversation of any length like other people, but I can't even string half a dozen sentences together.

sini thy

manjurarangge Verbal Noun (21) of manjurambi to speak Manchu

majige little

muru appearance

tucikebi Indef. Past (10) of tucimbi to come forth

aibide how?

bi I

niyalmai man, with gen. affix i

gisurere Fut. Part. (5) of gisurembi to speak

be accusative affix

ulhire Fut. (5) of ulhimbi to understand

gojime only

mini my

beye body, self

gisureme Ger. (3) of gisurembi to speak

ohode when

oron interval, place

unde not yet, oron unde not yet time, too early

gūwai other, with gen. affix i

adali like, similar

fiyelen chapter, piece, fiyelen fiyeleni connectedly

gisureme Inf. (3) of gisurembi to speak

muerakū Fut. (3) of mutembi to be able, with akū not

sere Fut. (5) of sembi to say

anggala not only

emu one

siran continuation

i adverbial particle, emu sirani uninterruptedly

duin four

sunja five

gisun word