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Then there is another odd thing I do: whenever I am going to begin, without being the least able to say why, I become so alarmed about mistakes that I dare not go on without hesitating; now, so long as this continues to be the case, how am I to make a speaker? Indeed, so far from considering myself one, I quite despair.

gemu all

sirabume Inf. (3) of sirabumbi to connect

muterakū Fut. (5) of mutembi to be able, with akū not

tere that

anggala not only

hono further

emu one

aldungga extraordinary, strange

babi place, with bi is

gisurere Fut. Part (5) of gisurembi to speak

onggolo before

baibi in vain

tašaraburakū Fut. (5) of tašarabumbi to make mistakes, with akū not

calaburakū Fut. (5) of calabumbi to err, with akū not

seme Inf. (3) of sembi to say

tathūnjame Inf. (3) tathūnjambi to doubt, to be incertain, to be alarmed

gelhun akū without fear, to dare

kengse lasha constantly

gisurerakū Fut. (5) of gisurembi to speak, with akū not

uttu thus

kai it is

mimbe acc. of I

adarame how?

gisure Imp. (1) of gisurembi to speak

sembi to say, to call

bi I

inu yes, indeed

usaka in despair