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of ever learning to speak. I say to myself that if with all my studying I have not got farther than this, I shall certainly never be a proficient.

Senior. This is all mere want of practice. Listen to me. Whenever you meet a man, no matter who, (that can talk Manchu), at him at once, and talk away with him.

gūnici Cond. (6) of gūnimbi to think

ai what?

hacin kind

i genitive affix

taciha Pret. (4) of tacimbi to learn

seme Inf. (3) of sembi to say

inu indeed

ere this

hūman ability

dabala only

nonggibure Fut. (5) of nonggibumbi to make progress

aibi how could?

ere this

gemu all

sini thy

urehekū Pret. (4) of urembi to practice, with akū not

haran reason

bi I

sinde dat. of si thou

tacibure Fut. (5) of tacibumbi to teach

yaya whoever

webe acc. of we who

seme Inf. (3) of sembi to say

ume not, do not

bodoro Fut. (5) of bodombi to consider

damu only

ucaraha Pret. (4) of ucarambi to meet

ucaraha Part. Pret. (4) of ucarambi to meet

be sign of accusative

tuwame Ger. (3) of tawambi to try

amcatame Ger. (3) of amcatambi to address one against his will

gisure Fut. (5) of gisurembi to speak