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You must go and take lessons of competent professors of the language as well, you know; and if you have any friends who are good Manchu scholars, you should be for ever talking to them. Read some Manchu every day, and talk incessantly, until the habit of speaking comes quite naturally to the mouth. If you follow this rule in a year or two at the farthest

jai secondly

bithede book. with de in

šungke well read

sefu teacher (師傅 shih-fu)

be accusative affix

baifi Past Gerund (8) of baimbi to seek

bithe book

hūla Imp. (1) of hūlambi to read

manju Manchu

gisun word, speech

de in

mangga proficient

gucuse plur. of gucu friend

de in, with

adanafi Past Gerund (8) of adanambi to go to, to be together

gisure Fut. (5), here Imp. of gisurembi to speak

inenggidari daily

hūlaci Cond. (6) of hūlambi to read

gisun word, speech

ejembi to remember

erindari always

gisureci Cond. (6) of gisurembi to speak

ilenggu tongue

urembi to be accustomed

uttu thus

tacime Inf. (3) of tacimbi to learn

ohode when

manggai scarcely

emu one

juwe two