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you will speak it without effort; so now don't despair any more.

VII. Junior. Where are you from, sir, may I ask?

Senior. I have been to visit a relation of mine who lives down yonder. Won't you step in and sit down on your way, sir?

aniya year

i genitive affix

sidende interval, with de in

inu yes, certainly; inu cisui naturally

gūnin thought

i sign of genitive

cihai will, with adverbial affix i, gūnin i cihai as you like

anggai mouth, with genitive affix

ici in accordance

tang sembi to speak without interruption

kai final particle

muterakū Fut. (5) of mutembi to be able, with akū not

jalin as regards

geli again

aiseme how could it?

jobombi to apprehend, to fear

ni interrogative particle.

absi why?

yoha Pret. (4) of yombi to go, to walk

bihe Pret. (4) of bimbi to be

bi I

ergi this side

emu one

niyamangga related

niyalmai man, with genitive affix i

boode house, with de in

genehe Pret. (4) of genembi to go

bihe Pret. (4) of bimbi to be

ere this

ildun opportunity

de in

mini my

boode house, with de in, to

darifi Past Gerund (8) of darimbi to pass

majige little

teki Subj. Present (7) of tembi to sit down.