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Junior. Do you reside in this neighbourhood, sir?

Senior. Yes, I moved into this house not long ago.

Junior. Oh! indeed, sir; then we are not so very far from each other. If I had been aware that you lived here, I should have called before. Go on, sir, pray (I'll follow you, if you please).

Senior. What, in my own house? Now, please take the upper seat.

Junior. Thang you, I am very well where I am.

Senior. But if you site where you are sitting, what place am I to take?

age elder brother, sir

si thou

ubade here

tehebio Indef. Past. (10) of tembi to sit, to reside, with interrogative o

inu yes

jakan lately

gurinjihe Pret. (4) of gurinjimbi to come to change place

uttu thus

oci Cond. (6) of ombi to be

musei we two, with genitive affix i

tehengge Verbal Noun (21) of tembi to sit, to reside

giyanaūk far from

udu how much?

goro distant

saha Pret. (4) of sambi to know

bici Cond. (6) of bimbi to be

aifini before

simbe acc. of si thou

tuwanjirakū Fut. (5) of tawanjimbi to come to see, to call, with akū not

biheo Pret. (4) of bimbi to be, with interrogative o

age elder brother, sir

yabu Imp. (1) of yambumbi to go

ai geli how could that be?

mini my

boode house, with postpos. de in

kai it is

age elder brother, sir

wesifi Past Gerund (8) of wesimbi to ascend

teki Subj. Pres. (2) of tembi to sit

ubade here

icangga convenient

si thou

tuttu thus

tehede seat, with postpos. de in

bi I

absi how?

tembi to sit.