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Junior. I have got a seat, thank you; and a seat with a back to it.

Senior. Here! bring a light!

Junior. Not for me, thank you, sir, I can't smoke; I have a sore mouth.

Senior. Well, then, bring some tea.

Junior. Drink first, then, pray. Oh, isn't it hot.

Senior. If it is too hot, let it be taken away for a while, that it may get cooler. I am very sorry. Boy, go and see what there is in the kitchen,

sain good

teme Inf. (3) of tembi to sit

jabduha Pre. (4) of jabdumbi to reach one's aim

ubade here

emu one

nikere Fut. Partic. (5) of nikembi to lean against

babi place (ba) is (bi)

booi house, with genitive affix i

urse those who

aba how?

yaha coal

gaju Imp. (1) of gajimbi to fetch

age elder brother, sir

bi I

dambagu tobacco

omirakū Fut. (5) of omimbi to eat, to smoke, with akū not

angga mouth

furugahabi to have ulcers in the mouth

tuttu thus

oci Cond. (6) of ombi to be

cai tea

gana Imp. (1) of ganambi to bring

age elder brother, sir

cai tea

gaisu Imp. (1) of gaimbi to take

ko oh, exclamation of pain

absi how?

halhūn hot

halhūn hot

oci Cond. (6) of ombi to be

majige little

tukiyecebu Imp. (1) of tukiyecebumbi to take away

hūwanggiyarakū it does not signify

mukiyebukini Opt. (15) of mukiyebumbi to become cool

je exclamation of compassion

buda rice

be accusative affix

tuwana Imp. (1) of tuwanambi to go and look after