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and bring quickly whatever is ready.

Junior. No, indeed, sir; do not put yourself to so much trouble. I have still got to go somewhere else.

Senior. But it's only whatever is ready; nothing is being prepared for you. Do try to eat a little, then you may go.

Junior. Not just now, thank you, sir; but now that I have found out where you live, I'll come another time

beleni ready

bisirengge Verbal Noun (21) of bimbi to be

be accusative affix

hasa? quickly

banju Imp. (1) of banjimbi to produce

se Imp. (1) of sembi to say

akū no

age elder brother, sir

ume do ont

bi I

kemuni further

gūwa other

bade place, with de to

geneki Subj. Pres. (7) of genembi to go

sembi to say

ainahabi how is that?

beleni ready

bisirengge Verbal Noun (21) of bimbi to be

sini thy

jalin postpos. on account of

dagilahangge Verbal Noun (21) of dagilambi to prepare

geli also

waka not is

majige little

jefi Past Ger. (8) of jembi to eat

genecina Conessive (14) of genembi to go

joo enough

bi it is

emgeri once

sini thy

boo house

be accusative affix

takaha Pret. (4) of takambi to recognise

kai it is

encu different, other

inenggi day

jai again

cohome specially

jifi Past. Ger. (8) of jimbi to come