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and spend the day with you.

VIII. Senior. I observe you pass this way every day, sir, what place is it that you go to?

Junior. I go to my studies.

Senior. To read Manchu, isn't it?

Junior. It is.

Senior. What are you reading in Manchu?

Junior. Oh, no new books, only every day talk

gulhun completely

emu one

inenggi day

gisureme Inf. (3) of gisurembi to speak

teceki Subj. Pres. (7) of tecembi to sit together

age elder brother, sir

si thou

inenggidari daily

ederi this way

yaburengge Verbacl Noun (21) of yabumbi to go

gemu all

aibide whither?

genembi to go

bithe book

hulanme Inf. (3) of hūlanambi to go to read [konstigt att första saknar ū]

genembi to go

manju Manchu

bithe book

hūlambi to read

wakao it is not, with interrogative o

inu yes

ne now

aici which?

jergi order

bithe book

hūlambi to read

gūwa other

bithe book

akū not

damu only

yasai eye, with genitive affix i

juleri postpos. before

buyarame Ger. (3) of buyarambi to do petty things

gisun word, speech