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and the "Important explanation of Manchu speech."[1]

Senior. Are they teaching you to write Manchu round hand yet?

Junior. The days are too short at present to leave any time for writing; but presently, when they begin to lengthen, we shall be taught to write and translate, too.

Senior. Well, sir, I have been wanting to study Manchu myself

jai secondly

manchu Manchu

gisun word, speech

i genitive affix

oyonggo important

jorin aim, explanation

i genitive affix

bithe book

teile only

suwende dat. of suwe you

ginggulere Fut. Part. (5) to ginggulembi to honour; here with hergen the 楷書 ch'ieh-shu an elegant style of writing [楷書 ch'ieh-shu must be a mistake for 楷書 kǎishū]

hergen letter, writing

tacibumbio to teach, with interrogative o

akū or not?

te now

inenggi day day
šun sun

foholon short

hergen letter

arara Fut. Part. (5) of arambi to write

šolo leisure

akū not is

ereci this, with postpos. ci from, hereafter

inenggi day day
šun sun

saniyaha Pret. (4) of saniyambi to extend

manggi as soon as

hergen letter

arabumbi Pass. of arambi to write; to cause to write

sere Fut. (5) of sembi to say

anggala not only

hono also

ubaliyambu Imp. (1) of ubaliyambumbi to translate

sembikai to say, with kai final particle

age elder brother, sir

bi I

bithe book

hūlara Fut. Part. (5) of hūlambi to read

jalin because of

  1. See Essay on Manchu Literature, page 10. [清話指要 qīng huà zhǐyào]