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and I have looked, I assure you, everywhere (for a school) and left no place unexamined; but in our neighbourhood, I am sorry to say, there is no school for Manchu.

I was thinking that the one you go to would do for me well enough, and that one of these days I might commence my attendance. Will you be so good as to say a word for me to the master beforehand?

Junior. Ah! I see you think that it is a regular professor that teaches us; but that

yala really

uju head

silgime Ger. (3) of silgimbi to put into

aibide where?

baihanahakū Pret. (4) of baihanumbi to go to search, with akū not

musei we two, with genitive affix i

ubai here, with genitive affix i

šurdeme all round

fuhali altogether

manju Manchu

tacikū school

akū not

gūnici Cond. (6) of gūnimbi to think

sini thy

tacire Fut. Part. (5) of tacimbi to learn

ba place

ai what?

hendure Fut. (5) of hendumbi to speak

atanggi when? whenever it may be
bicibe Advers. (13) of bimbi to be

bi I

inu also

bithe book

hūlanaki Subj. Pres. (7) of hūlanambi to go to read

mini gen. of bi I

funde postpost. for

majige little

gisureci Cond. (6) of gisurembi to speak

ojoroo can, may, with interrogative o

age elder brother, sir

si thou

mende dat. plur. of be we

tacibure Fut. Part. (5) of tacibumbi to teach

niyalma man

be accusative affix

we who

sembi to say, call;