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is not the case. Our instructor is one of the elders of our clan and his pupils are all our own near cousins; any other that may attend are relations by marriage; there is not an outsider among them. But the fact is that our elder is too busy to give regular lessons; for, besides teaching us, he has to go to the yamên every day. It is only because we entreat him day and night

sefu teacher (師傅 shih fu)

sembio to say, call, with interrogative o

waka no

kai final particle.

mini my

emu one

mukūn clan

i genitive affix

ahūn elder

tacibure Fut. Part. (5) of tacibumbi to teach

ele whoever

urse plural affix

gemu all

meni our

emu one

uksun relationship

i genitive affix

juse pl. of jui son

deote pl. of deo younger brother

jai secondly

niyaman blood relation

hūncihin relation by marriage

umai not at all

gūwa other

niyalma man

akū not is

adarame how

seci Cond. (6) of sembi to say

mini my

ahūn elder

inenggidari daily

yamulambi to go to the yamên

jabdurakū Fut. (5) of jabdumbi to have leisure, with akū not

ineku the same

be accusative affix

erde morning

yamji evening

nandame Inf. (3) of nandambi to request

genere Fut. (5) of genembi to go

jakade conj. because

arga trick, expedient