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that he feels obliged to find time to play the tutor. Were the case otherwise, you desire to study Manchu is a thing commandable in itself, and as for the trouble of speaking in your behalf, I should not have thought it any trouble at all.

IX. Senior. That gentleman is our old neighbour, you know; the lad we have seen grow up here.

akū not, arga akū

he cannot help it

šolo leisure

jalgiyanjafi Past Ger. (8) of jalgiyanjambi to supply

membe acc. of be we

tacibumbi to teach

waka not

oci if

age elder brother, sir

bithe book

hūlame Inf. (3) of hūlambi to read

geneki Subj. Pres. (7) of genembi to go

sehengge Verbal Noun (21) of sembi to say

sain good

baita thing

dabala only

sini gen. of si thou

funde postpos. for

majige little

gisureci Cond. (6) of gisurembi to speak

minde dat. of bi I

geli then

ai what

wajiha Pret. (4) of wajimbi to end, finish

ni interrogative particle.

tere that

age elder brother

serengge Verbal Noun (21) of sembi to say

musei our, with genitive affix i

fe old

adaki neighbour

kai is

kemneme Inf. (3) of kemnembi to measure to regard carefully
tuwame Inf. (3) of tuwambi to see

mutuha Pret. (4) of mutumbi to grow