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He has not been away from us very long, and now one hears that he is doing very well; that he has got an appointment. I only half believed the report when I first heard it, until on inquiring of friends I find it really is the case. It shows the truth of the proverb "If a man but resolve, the thing he wants to do is done"; and of the other proverb "No man is too young to make a resolution."

juse plur. of jui child

kiyalafi Past Ger. (8) of kiyalambi to be separated

giyanakū how could

udu how much

goidaha Pret. (4) of goidambi to last

donjici Cond. (6) of donjimbi to hear

mujakū exceedingly

hūwašafi Past Ger. (8) of hūwašambi to increase, to get on

hafan official

oho Pret. (4) of ombi to be

sere Fut. (5) of sembi to say

sucungga first

bi I

hono also

akdara Fut. (5) of akdambi to believe

dulin half

kenehunjere Fut. (5) of kenehunjembi to doubt

dulin half

bihe Pret. (4) of bimbi to be

amala afterwards

gucuse pl. of gucu friend

de postpos. in

fonjici Cond. (6) of fonjimbi to ask

mujangga certain

erebe this, with accusative affix be

tuwaci Cond. (6) of tuwambi to see, to regard

mujin resolution

bisirengge Verbal Noun (21) of bimbi to be

baita thing

jiduji completely

mutebumbi it can be done

se year

mulan seat; se mulan age

de postpos. in

akū not

sehe Pret. (4) of sembi to say

gisun word

tašan wrong