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Junior. That is all very well, sir; still, his father's infinite virtues must have enabled him to beget a son of such promise; a young man so kind and good, so fond of his studies; in foot and horse archery, in every manly exercise beyond his years accomplished; spending any spare time

akū not

ni final particle

age elder brother, sir

i genitive affix

gisun word

inu true

tuttu thus

secibe Advers. (13) of sembi to say

inu certainly

terei his

sakdasa pl. of sakda old man, father

de postpos. in

wajirakū infinite

sain good

ba place

bifi Past Ger. (5) of bimbi to be

teni therefore

ere this

gese similiarity

dekjingge prosperous

juse child

banjiha Pret. (4) of banjimbi to beget

nomhon kind

bime Ger. (3) of bimbi to be

sain good

tacin learning

jorin interpretation

de postpos. in

amuran fond of

gabtara Fut. Part. (5) of gabtambi to shoot on foot (with the bow)

niyamniyara Fut. Part. (5) of niyamniyara to shoot on horseback

eiten every

haihai man, with sign of genitive i

erdemu virtue

se year, age

de postpos. to

teisu corresponding to

akū not

ambula greatly

tacihabi Indef. Past (10) of tacimbi to learn, to study

an i ucuri generally