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at home, and there always at his studies; never moving one step in the direction of a dissolute life.

Then he is so careful and attentive in the discharge of his public duties; and when he is able to obtain information about something, he remains perfectly spotless. It is quite a case in which one may observe that "The house where virtue accumulates (from generation to generation) will not fail to have more than an ordinary share of happiness."

boode house. with postpos. de in

bici Cond. (6) of bimbi to be

bithe book

tuwara Fut. (5) of tuwambi to look at

dabala only

balai firvolous

bade place, with postpos. de to

emu one

okson step

seme Inf. (3) of sembi to say

inu really

feliyerakū Fut. (5) of feliyembi to walk, with akū not

tere that

anggala not only

siden public

i genitive affix

baita affair

de postpos. in

oci Cond. (6) of ombi to be

ginggun careful

olhoba attentive

bahara Fut. Part. (5) of bahambi to obtain

sara Fut. Part. (5) of sambi to know

bade place, with postpos. de in

oci Cond. (6) of ombi to be

fimenere Fut. Part. (5) of fimenembi to smudge

ba place

akū not

ere this

tob right

seme Inf. (3) of sembi to say

sain good

ba place

iktambuha Part. Pret. (4) of iktambumbi to accumulate

boode house, with postpos. de in

urunakū must

funcetele superabundant

hūturi luck

bi has

sehe Pret. (4) of sembi to say

gisun word, speech

de postpos. in

acanaha Pret. (4) of acanambi to agree