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so convenient, it is quite the place for reading men like us.

Junior. It is nice enough, no doubt; the misfortune is that I have no friend to study with, and studying all alone is tame work.

Senior. Well, there needn't be much difficulty on that score. I'll be your fellow-student, provided that I don't bother you; what say you?

Junior. Bore, indeed! It will be a real blessing if you will. I never asked you

absi so

icangga fit, convenient

tob true

seme Ger. (3) of sembi to say

musei we, with genitive affix i

bithe book

hulaci Cond. (6) of hūlambi to read [strange loss of ū igen]

acara Fut. Part. (5) of acambi to suit

ba place

damu but

korsorongge Verbal Noun (21) of Korsombi to be discontented

minde dat. of I

asuru many

gucu friend

gargan associate

akū not

emhun alone

bithe book

tacici Cond. (6) of tacimbi to learn

dembei extremely

simeli lonesome

ede this

ai what?

mangga diffiult?

si thou

aika perhaps

eimerakū Fut. Pat. (5) of eimembi to be bored, with akū not

oci if

bi I

sinde dat. of si thou

gucu friend

arame Inf. (3) of arambi to represent

jici Cond. (6) of jimbi to come

antaka how

tuttu thus

oci Cond. (6) of ombi to be

minde dat. of bi I

tusa profit

oho Pret. (4) of ombi to be, to have

solinaci Cond. (6) of solinambi to go to invite