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But, dear me! what a show of trees and flowers you have, and what a stock of goldfish! and your rockery, so ingeniously concieved; every tier of it has a character of its own! and what a tidy library! everything in it looks

goidaha Pret. (4) of goidambi to last

bi I

dosifi Past Ger. (8) of dosimbi to enter

majige little

teki Subj. Pres. (7) of tembi to sit

ara hallo!

utala so many

hacingga of all kinds

moo tree

ilha flower

tebuhebio Indef. Past (10) of tebumbi to plant, with interrogative o

geli also

utala so many

boconggo coloured goldfish
nisiha small fish

ujihebi Indef. Past (10) of ujimbi to nourish

wehe stone

ai what

jibsime Inf. (3) of jibsimbi to lay in tiers

iktambuhangge Verbal Noun (21) of iktambumbi, pass of iktambi to heap up

inu really

sain good

gūnin thought

isinaha Part. Pret. (4) of isinambi to arrive

be accusative affix

umesi very

faksi ingenious

jergi order, tier, jergi jergi every tier

de postpos. in

gemu all

doro rule

yangse beauty

bi is, has

ere this

bithei book, with genitive affix i

boo house, room

yala certainly

bolgo clean

absi how

tuwaci Cond. (6) of tuwambi to regard