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INDEX. 257
Food, imported, high prices of, 146.
Foreigners, discrimination against land-owning, 86.
Forests in Mexico, 23.
Foster, Minister John W., report of, 17.
Foster, Minister John W., rejoinder to, by the Mexican Government, 19.
Free trade and protection in Mexico, 154.
French trade with Mexico, 193.
Fuel, high cost of, 135.
Gold product of Mexico, 150.
Government, good, in Mexico, not readily attainable, 214.
Government of Mexico, 105.
Guaymas, American trade with, 242.
Guerrero, city of, taxes in, 179.
Haciendas, construction of, 31.
Hams, analysis of duties on imports of, 168.
Handicrafts of Mexico, 135.
Hats, features of, in the Mexican dress, 26.
"Hercules" cotton-mill, 150.
Hidalgo, the Mexican Washington, 67.
Highways in Mexico, 195.
Holy Family, flight of, repetition in Mexico, 24.
Horses, acclimatization of, in Mexico, 199.
Hospital, American, in Mexico, 204.
Hospitals, lack of suitable, 203.
Houses in Mexico, 22.
of the people, 38.
Humboldt, special privileges granted to, 15.
Idol, great, of the Aztecs, 58.
Immigration to Mexico, 118.
Indian characteristics, 141.
races, their social position in Mexico, 99.
Indians, Mexican, attachment to localities, 100.
Indians, Mexican, communistic life of, 99.
Indians, Mexican, improvidence of, 98.
Indians, Mexican, ingenuity of, 34.
never Christianized, 85.
Indians of Mexico, 93.
Industries, Mexican, taxes on, 177, 178.
Interoceanic transits, 225.
Inquisition in Mexico, 63.
Iron, absence of, in Mexican industry, 34.
Iron not known to the Aztecs, 52, 53.
Irrigation, necessity of, in Mexico, 34
Irrigation, titles and rights to, 116.
Iturbide, Emperor, portrait of, 68.
Hotel, 36.
Ixtle, fiber, production of, 232.
Jamaica, taxation in, 185.
Juarez, Benito, character and services, 77.
Kerosene-lamp, story of a, 232.